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Cherish him

Cherish him

Cherish him

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    Cherish him
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    Legendary prophecy
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    Bestcar read
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2022-07-04 12:28:43
"What is it like for a boy to chase a girl?"< Br> "buy you flowers? Give you luxuries? Or...!"< Br> "no! Neither! The person who really loves you will give you everything, including his life!"< Br> "my name is Li Siyan, and I have a silly and stupid suitor. He is not good-looking, serious and honest. But for me! He will respond to every request and will not resist me. He can accept any excessive request, even if it is to buy me an aunt's towel. He... He... He... When he... Goes out to play again. He gave his life for me."< Br> "why did I lose him? Where are you? I'm no longer willful! I won't mess around! Please come back!"< Br> "maybe I'll go with you, which is the best choice!"< Br> "he suddenly appeared! He appeared in my dream! It's still like that! It's still my destiny! It's still my sole pet! It's all mine! But this time he let me live well! Live for him...!"< Br> "I will live well! Not for staying together! Just for having it! Not for waiting for the sun! Just for you! I hope when I grow old, you don't dislike me for being ugly. I'm alone for you, just for staying with you. Even if I'm staying in a box, I'm willing."

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