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Dragon daughter of Xuanyan double spirits

Dragon daughter of Xuanyan double spirits

Dragon daughter of Xuanyan double spirits

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    Dragon daughter of Xuanyan double spirits
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    Frost covered the sky and cold
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    Wind Book
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2023-02-07 07:55:06
Neon color, a girl drifting from the sea to Beihuang village. Picked up her husband and wife, looked up and saw the neon clouds all over the sky. She was named neon color, and since then she has been called ancient neon color. Neon color grew up slowly and watched the KOOS grow old, but her face only stayed at the age of 16. Mr. and Mrs. Koo were worried that she was alone in the world and had spoken to her. But all the people who got along with her fled, and no one married her. And because her face would not grow old, the people in the village secretly said she was a demon. Mr. and Mrs. Gu are old and have to move to the desolate Northern Xinjiang with neon colors. Gu and his wife died, leaving neon to live alone in the wasteland. After more than 400 years, a fire smashed into the wasteland and broke the peaceful life of neon "are you a flame beast? A fire worm? Or... A fire earthworm?" Yan Jiong, a scorched dragon. At this time, he looked weakly at the person squatting in front of him and fainted.